Trout Unlimited’s conservation strategy is: Protect, Reconnect, Restore, Sustain.


Sometimes the best way to help a place is to leave it alone.  In areas with intact habitat and healthy populations of wild trout, TU advocates for responsible use and lasting protection.  The chapter has partnered with the Heritage Conservancy to permanently protect a streamside property in the Cooks Creek Watershed, Bucks County’s largest coldwater watershed, with a conservation easement.


A trout’s ability to migrate, to move upstream or downstream, in response to changing conditions often determines its ability to survive.  The chapter completed a dam removal on Watson Creek in 2009, resulting in improved fish passage, especially giving trout access to cooler water temperatures and higher quality spawning habitat in upstream reaches.


Even if all intact habitat is protected it still would not be enough to ensure healthy populations of wild trout.  Reclaiming habitat that has been lost due to development and incompatible land use is critical if we expect to have robust wild trout populations in the future.  Chapter members have completed numerous stream projects that restore habitat for wild trout.


If we don’t empower and inspire others, especially children, to continue our conservation work in the future, all of our efforts today may not matter.  The chapter works with several area schools on the Trout in the Classroom program to educate and inspire the next generation of stream conservationists.

Bucks County Trout Unlimited has active, ongoing conservation efforts in all three of our largest coldwater watersheds, Cooks Creek, Mill Creek and Aquetong Creek.

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