Streambank Restoration 2009

Funding: PA DEP Growing Greener Grant, $30,000
Matching Funds: $18,000
Consultant: Princeton Hydro
Contractor: Robert Kovitch Excavating
Project Partners: Ransome Cat, Haines and Kibblehouse

This project, on Cooks Creek in Durham Township, restored 300 feet of eroding streambank.  Before restoration began the site was approximately a 5 foot vertical bank that was contributing a large amount of sediment to the stream.

The restoration of this site involved grading the bank to a more gradual slope and installation of 2 rock vanes to deflect high flows away from the bank.  When the grading and rock vanes were complete, chapter members installed erosion control fabric on the bank and planted the project area with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

This project is immediately downstream of the streambank restorations completed in 2002 and 2007.  These 3 projects restored the most severely eroding banks in an approximately quarter mile reach of Cooks Creek.  The 3 projects combined will have significant positive effects on this reach of Cooks Creek and downstream areas:  a greatly reduced sediment load, shading of the stream and reducing water temperatures, the native trees, shrubs and wildflowers will filter pollutants before they enter the stream and the trees and shrubs will increase inputs of leaf matter and woody debris to the stream.




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