Lindquist Farm Project 2009

Funding: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Delaware Estuary Program, $37,000
TreeVitalize Watersheds Program, $9000
Matching Funds: $36,000
Consultant: Princeton Hydro
Contractor: J. L. Gruber Contracting
Project Partners: Buckingham Township, Bucks County Conservation District, Ransome Cat, Gilmore and Associates, Toth Brothers Land Clearing, Willow Farm Management, Professional Landscape Services

The Lindquist Farm project was a priority site for restoration identified in the Mill Creek Habitat Restoration Plan. Watson Creek flows through the property which is owned by Buckingham Township.  The project site, a 1500 foot reach of Watson Creek, was formerly dairy pasture.  It had a dam that impeded fish passage at the upstream end, had severely eroding streambanks and was lacking in forested riparian buffer.

The project was completed in October-November, 2009.  The dam was removed, 450 feet of streambank was stabilized and 1500 feet of forested riparian buffer was restored.  The streambank stabilization measure included the installation of 12 root wads that not only stabilized the bank but also created in-stream habitat for trout and aquatic insects.  Chapter members and other volunteers planted over 1000 native trees, 300 native shrubs and 150 wildflower plugs in the restored riparian buffer. A more detailed discussion of the Lindquist Farm Project is available here.

Planting Trees- 1 down, 999 to go

Trees Planted

Small dam was breached

Rootwads stabilize bank and provide habitat

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