March 26 Meeting and Fundraiser

Bucks County Trout Unlimited

Annual Raffle


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            2020/2021 has been quite the ride to say the least, Covid-19 kept us indoors and limited our normal day to day operations. We cancelled our 2020, 2021 and now the 2022 annual banquet. Please check our facebook and instagram pages for any current information updates and members posts, as well as our website ( and chapter emails. We still plan and attempt to hold our MONTHLY meetings, but please check the email updates to each specific meeting.
We plan to pull the winning tickets LIVE at our March 26th Chapter Meeting, WITH SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER GEORGE DANIEL, we will follow the local masking guidelines AT THE TIME OF THE EVENT (please be prepared that if a mask IS required, you’re prepared)
You may purchase sets of (1) ticket for 30.00 and select which group (Brook, Brown, or Rainbow) or multiples by selecting a quantity at each group, or a SUPER TICKET, which gets you all (3) groups AND a chance at the BONUS 3 that ONLY SUPER TICKET purchasers can win!Each ticket will be eligible for ALL prizes in that category. For example, if you purchase a Brook raffle for 30.00, your ticket is entered for EVERY item listed in the category. If you purchase a SUPER TICKET your ticket will be entered to win every prize listed in all categories. One ticket can win MULTIPLE prizes.We may have some additional items added to the raffle prize list that you will NOT see on the prize list, consider these small bonus items. Another note, you DO NOT need to be present at the meeting to win an item. We will contact you thru phone or email to arrange pickup of your prize.Prizes NOT claimed OR arrangements made within 30 days of March 26th, will forfeit the prize back to BCTU.This raffle is what generates our operating funds for the year, it goes to monthly meetings, guest speakers, stream work, tree plantings, mailers, and our current project on Aquetong Spring Creek.
Select Brook, Brown or Rainbow pool $30 each
Select SUPER TICKET that includes ALL THREE, plus BONUS 3 ITEMS that are available only to SUPER TICKET holders  $100 each

“Super Ticket” – $100.00 for a chance on ALL prizes


1. Bourbon  Basket
- 3 Quality Bottles -
2. YETI 45 COOLER 3. Moonshine Euro 10’ 3wt
- Epiphany Series Rod -
 _________________________  ________________________  __________________________




1.Yeti Hopper 30 Bag 1. Go Pro 9 1. RedingtonClassicTrout Rod
- 9FT  5WT -
2. Waders/Boots
-you can exchange for size -
2. Solar Power Goal Zero 2. Portable Battery Pack
3. Road Trip Grill 3. Redington Run Reel
- 5/6 WT -
3. Yeti LoadOut Dry Box
4. Fishpond Net
- medium handle size -
4. Trek Poles 4. Cast Iron Cookware
5. JBL Speaker
- waterproof -
5. MoonShine Drifter Rod
-  9FT  5WT -
5. Yeti Camino Bag
- beach style tote -
6. Portable Power Inverter 6. Whiteknuckle Knife/Belt Set 6. Bourbon Gift Set
7. (4) Pint glass BCTU 7. Yeti Panga 75 Bag
- waterproof duffle -
7. Simms Wading Staff
8.  2 wt Trout Fly Rod
- Hydrogen 7’6” 2 wt -
8. Fly Tying Desk
- solid wood desk -
8. Duck Decoy
9. Hand tied flies >doz
- tied by BCTU member -
9. Hand tied flies >doz
- tied by BCTU member -
9. Hand tied flies >doz
- tied by BCTU member -
10. Framed Print 10. Framed Print 10. Framed Print



Purchase Tickets:


SUPER TICKET $100.00 each







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