Attempt to transfer some Aquetong Creek Brook Trout to Honey Hollow unsuccessful

In June, several chapter members attempted to transfer some fingerlings from the Aquetong main stem to the Honey Hollow Branch. This was done under the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s “Scientific Collector’s Permit” process. The permit was granted in April for the project. The goal was to establish a headwater population in the branch, which is currently cut off from the main stem by a large impoundment (pond).
In June a team of 5 used a seine net to try to capture 20 fingerlings to transfer to the Honey Hollow Branch. In 2 hours, the team was only able to collect only 5 fingerlings. This was deemed an insufficient number for the transfer, so they were released back into the main stem, near where they were captured. The transfer may be attempted again in the future.

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