Join us for our annual Banquet Fundraiser!

On April 7 we again present our annual banquet and fundraiser. The event is at the Pinecrest Country Club. Last year’s event was our first at Pinecrest and everyone raved about the great food and atmosphere.

There will of course be thousands of dollars of prizes as usual. This has been a busy year with several conservation projects, and we need to replenish our funds to prepare for another year. If you like the work we are doing, please come out and support us!

You can see and print a copy of the invitation and ticket order form HERE

We GREATLY appreciate any help you can provide donating or arranging for a donation to the banquet! If you know someone that might be interested in getting their name out to the conservation-minded folks of Bucks County, see our donation form HERE. It tells a little about what we do and includes pertinent info like tax ID number and contact info for our Banquet Coordinator, Jeff Neamand.


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