Brook Trout are Thriving in Aquetong Creek!

Recent surveys by members of the Bucks County Chapter of Trout Unlimited confirm that the 50 wild brook trout introduced into Aquetong Creek by the chapter in April, 2017 have taken hold and established a reproducing population in the creek.

The surveys, in June and July of this year, found both fingerling and adult brook trout. Chapter members did these surveys of Aquetong Creek (using a 4′x4′ seine net) to see if we could determine how the brook trout were faring. We found both fingerling and adult brook trout and of course the fingerlings are proof that the trout we transported from the Lehigh River tributary spawned successfully.

Bucks County Trout Unlimited began its advocacy for the removal of the Aquetong Lake dam and restoration of brook trout to Aquetong Creek in 1996 and continued this effort until 2013 when the Solebury Township supervisors voted to remove the dam.

The removal of the Aquetong Lake dam by Solebury Township in 2015 allowed the cold water of the Aquetong Spring to once again flow downstream without being warmed by the former Aquetong Lake, resulting in nearly perfect stream temperatures for brook trout.

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